Smart Parking Technology

IHS in conjunction with Case Parking offers a smart, wireless parking solution:
  • Open Architecture
  • Seamless Integration of real-time counts with a “smart parker” experience
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce gasoline consumption
  • Less impact on local climate
  • Better security and safety
  • Park closer to destination
  • Owner/manager has consistent data of what is going on in his parking lots and garages.  Allows effectively management, allows price management for parking,, how and when to deploy human resources to aid customers.


  • Municipal Parking, use accurate counts to reconcile sale tax revenues
  • Commercial Lots, provides partners with real-time space availability data sent to mobile apps
  • College Parking, manage permit sales and lucrative event parking with quality occupancy data
  • Healthcare Facilities, use data to relay parking availability to outpatients and visitors – increased customer satisfaction



  Sustainable Parking Solutions for Universities and Colleges
Real Time Accuracy Counts