System Maintenance

Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. currently provides services and maintenance services including, but not limited to: labor, materials, project management and tools for corrective and preventive maintenance for transportation districts in California.

The intent and purpose of our Contract(s) is to perform necessary maintenance required to keep the transportation services fully functional at all times. We provide 24 hour/on call services so that all systems shall remain fully integrated at all times with all of the component items in the district's operations system. We coordinate all activities with other contractors involved in various other contracts to ensure functionality in the district's systems.

IHS also offers installation and design services, in such cases we provide all necessary engineering, installation, supplies, materials and other equipment necessary to install a video surveillance network that includes; Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, software, computer services, recording services, wireless/wired networks and all necessary items to create a complete operational (turn-key) system. Networks of this type are used for police, fire, first responders, traffic control, and security applications.

The Company provides services such as fiber optic link installation. This installation includes; furnishing all labor, material, equipment and performing all work necessary and incidental; including but not limited to installation of conduit, pulling fiber cable, junction boxes, termination, testing, etc.