Agricultural Applications

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The Suncloak Agricultural Lighting System Completely Engulfs Plants in a Cloak of Light.

  • Significant Increase in per Plant Yields
  • Absolute and Complete Canopy Penetration
  • Most Efficient Light Delivery System....Period
  • Uniform Flowering from Top to Bottom of Plant
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption
  • Top & Bottom of all Leaves Radiated with Light
  • Extremely Low Heat Generation
  • Significant Reduction in Infrastructure Costs
  • Reduces Water Consumption and Humidity
  • Configurable for a Multitude of Grow Methods
  • Light Spectrum Ideal for Flowering Cycle
  • Patent Pending
  • Lower Maintenance & Operational Costs
  • Two Year Warranty on Power Rail & Sun Blades
  • Lower Heat Reduces Attraction of Insects
  • Multiple Options for Power and Total Lumens


Suncloak Brochure