Advancement of 21st Century technology to address today’s transportation problems

Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. provides transportation technology services that enable vehicles, roads, traffic lights, message signs, and other elements to become "intelligent" by embedding them with microchips and sensors and by empowering them to communicate with each other via wireless technologies. The acceleration of data collection and communication allows state governments to improve transportation system performance by reducing congestion and increasing both traveler safety and convenience.

Study after study shows that building new roads alone does not solve congestion problems. (New highways often just attract more traffic.) To improve traffic flow, highway agencies are attempting to create "smart roads" by installing sensors, cameras and automatic toll readers. But the effort is a mishmash of relatively unsophisticated data-gathering methods. Meanwhile, carmakers and device manufacturers are creating "smart cars" by installing more powerful computers and sensors, giving drivers a better idea of their environment and car performance.

Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. will build from its experience in the service and maintenance of highway systems to develop, in concert, with leading Universities and Federal agencies to harvest the state-of-the-art data monitoring technology and apply this new technology to today’s transportation needs